Unprecedented Demand for Bangalore Apartments – buying apartement

India was a closed economy until 1991, but from then on the government began to slowly open its doors to foreign investment. This fuelled the globalization of the Indian economy. Bangalore too was benefitted by the globalization move. Bangalore was once called the Garden City for its many parks and green patches. This apart, the Victorian architecture and the pleasant climate made Bangalore a preferred choice for many to make their homes in the city. However, the advent of multi-national companies, especially the IT sector, was a major reason for the changed skyline of Bangalore that one witnesseses today.With the influx of job seekers from all over India and around the world, the population increased and the demand for apartments in Bangalore was created, which gradually increased over a period of time. Real estate in Bangalore, which was pretty slow till then, witnessed a sudden growth. Since then, Bangalore real estate has been on the move forward.The housing needs of the growing population that came along with the setting up of MNCs had to be addressed. Real estate developers in Bangalore cashed in on the opportunity and constructed apartments in Bangalore. Bangalore apartments sprung up everywhere in the city. Old buildings made way for new apartments in Bangalore. Every inch of land within the city limits was used for development purpose. Bangalore apartments not only moved horizontally, but vertically as well. The saturation point led to the developers moving to the outskirts of the city.Until recently, areas in Bangalore like Jayanagar and J.P Nagar had very few apartment blocks. Now, one will be amazed to see a number of apartment blocks that have come up in these places. Areas like Bannerghatta Road and Kanakapura Road in the west, Koramangala and Sarjapur Road in the south, and Yelahanka in the north of Bangalore has been transformed with the construction of apartment buildings. The entire stretch along the Outer Ring Road is filled with apartment complexes. NRIs too began to invest in Bangalore apartments, houses and villas. The choice of Bangalore apartments are so vast today that one can find an apartment based on the specific requirement, be it luxury, space or money.The highest demand for Bangalore apartments comes from the working class. With the household income moving upwards, families are opting for a second apartment in Bangalore. Buying apartments in Bangalore is a lucrative investment as there is always an increase in the value of real estate. It is also a money-saver as there is a tax benefit on the home loan availed.The reasons for preferring Bangalore apartments as against houses are because the apartment complexes provide security, which is a major concern. Also, the amenities that are provided within the apartment complex like club house, children’s play area, swimming pool and in the case of up-scale integrated townships facilities like shopping complex, hospital and even a school, make living very comfortable and convenient.

Why You Should Consider a Community College – College University

Most students and parents don’t think of considering a community college as a path to a degree or career. Increasingly, these local institutions are becoming the choice of many high school graduates. The following are 4 reasons why you should consider a community college to begin your higher education.1.Cost
With tuition and fees rising to an all time high, money for higher education is a problem for many families. Going to a community college can help solve this problem.Community college tuition and fees are much lower than four year institutions. The tuition you save during the two years could actually pay for a year or more of tuition at a four year college. One study showed savings ranging from $11,000+ to $19,000+ for a public college/university to $20,000+ to $71,000+ for a private one.If you need financial aid, it is also available at community colleges. Even if you are a part time student, you may still qualify for smaller amounts.2. Flexible Schedule
Community colleges have schedules that are more flexible than universities or colleges. They have a variety of options which include:*Night Classes
*Weekend Classes
*Online ClassesMost college students, today, find it necessary to work. By starting at a community college with a flexible schedule, you may be able to keep the job you have or find a better paying one.3. Choices
If you have not decided on a career, you can try different classes that might appeal to you and set you on a particular path. At some four year institutions classes in art, pre-med, and pre-law etc., are difficult to get in to unless you have been accepted in that major.Community colleges also offer vocational classes that four year schools do not. Among those you can opt for are:*Nursing
*Police Officer
*Automotive Technology
*Culinary Arts
*Travel and TourismClasses are smaller. In some major universities undergraduate lecture hall classes may have as many as 300 students. Community colleges are generally limited to 100. Regular classes have about 35 students. You will also get a professor teaching your class. Professors at universities sometimes use teaching assistants. There are times when you won’t see the professor for most or all of the semester. 4. Convenience
Since community colleges have no housing, you can live at home. While living away may sound enticing, the cost can be great. This alone may be one of the best reasons why you should consider a community college. It’s a great way to save money you can use when you transfer to finish your education.Since community colleges are located in an area you are familiar with, it’s easier to get around. They also tend to have more then one campus.If you are employed before you graduate from high school, you can keep your job. This means you won’t have a gap in your income.It’s never too early to begin planning for you higher education. Whether you’re a high school freshman or senior, start thinking about your future education now. You can view your local community college catalog on line. There are also other sources that will give you the information you need to attend your local community college.Since some kind of higher education is necessary in today’s world, consider the cost flexible schedules, choices and convenience when thinking about higher education. These reasons may be why you should consider a community college.